Thursday, March 29, 2012

Twitter Melts down covering Three Rounder at SCOTUS may be a Technical Knockout


News reports seem to be biased towards a favorable decision for the plaintiff (28 states, and AAPS.

The participants are licking their wounds and the states appear optimistic about a decision.

The defendants’ counsel came out of his corner of the court ring stumbling and staggering as he was unable to make the first jab. A quick glass of water from his corner energized him a bit.

SCOTUS will have more than two months to decide a ‘winner’  Health Train Express proclaims that it will be a split decision with one vote carrying the prevailing party. I am making no predictions. Either side will lose no matter the decision. The costs will be measurable for administrative cost, insurance company losses, and the delay in  planning and implementing a good plan should Obamacare, or parts of it be negated.

The larger issue, as to the legal severability of Obamacare may be the deciding punch in the contest.

In Supreme court matters this is the most frequent outcome…all the way to the end.

The Three Round Contest went something like this:

Medicaid expansion issue

Severability Issue

Individual Mandate Issue

Anti-Injunction Act Issue

The details are forthcoming here:

The Decision Expected by June 2012

The End


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