Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Social Media Office Visits and Mobile Apps

N.H.S. adopts mobile phone apps in lieu of office visit, or prior to office visit for instructions:

Checking in: Patients will be urged to take daily measurements and text them into a central computer system

An app a day keeps the doctor away: Patients told to use mobile phones for a check-up instead of visiting their GP  Cancer sufferers, pregnant women and those with diabetes, lung problems and heart disease will be urged to take daily measurements and text them into a central computer system.

The scheme is being rolled out by the Department of Health in the hope it will save the NHS millions of pounds through unnecessary visits to the surgery or hospital
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Ministers also believe that if patients are constantly keeping an eye on their condition they will be less likely to suddenly deteriorate and need to be urgently taken to A&E.
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But senior doctors and campaigners say it would be a ‘big mistake’ to force patients to use this technology.

They point out that certain groups such as the elderly would be far better off making an appointment than downloading an app.

You can guarantee that elderly people will not be able to use it or anyone else who isn’t very good with technology. If used wrongly it’s a big mistake.’

Would this work in the American Health System? Would it reduce cost? Would it overload staff with text volume. Are there any physician practices willing to pilot this as a test program?

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Watch for the “Photo Walk Tour” which we have co-sponsored for patients who are immobilized and unable to travel about.  More on this later.

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