Friday, March 23, 2012

Learn on The Health Train Express Social Cruise



Relax and get your new tablet or ultra book or maybe even your ancient Dell Desktop, and follow along.

Social Media in Healthcare is a moving target. Like the stock market at times the best indicator is the moving average indicator. Social media sites grow rapidly, wane and flux and at the same time the user base shifts from platform to platform.

If you are a newbie, intermediate or advanced social-izer the best source for all learners or more advanced users is a Prezi course by Bertalan Mesko M.D.

The course is on Webcina and you can read about it here. Dr Mesko is an organizer from the get go. He has produced a great deal of content in social media in an articulate graphic and easily understood format.

For those of you who have never read or produced a Prezi presentation it will prove to be an interesting and captivating tool. The only other presentation tool I have seen or used that approaches Prezi is Pearltrees. Other useful slide deck platforms are Google Presentation and Slideshare.

Dr. Mesko has sixteen icons on the landing page, each a rich source for social media, bloggers, wikis, and stories about Google.

No matter where you are on the learning curve for social media, web search, rss feeds, Bert Mesko puts together an array of amazing tools. Each venture into his social media space nets me a wealth of new features.

Perhaps that is what makes social media so enticing to users. Each trip into the social sphere gains the user. I would definitely bookmark Webcina for easy reference.


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