Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Is There an “Oscar” for Healthcare ?



Much like entertainment, health care information will become available on all media. The convergence of many technologies such as Television, cable, internet, smartphones, tablets, desktops and more devices stimulates openness and transparency. The convergence of all these formats is occurring rapidly each year.

We all know as according to Phil Bauman that “Health is Social” Yet why do physicians either recoil or are dismissive about social media?

Tonight I am watching the Academy Awards on an internet live stream with a choice of six different cameras with upfront face-to-face encounters. It’s all in HD. Television still does not yet have the events on live. (5PM PST).

I have four active windows to select from: Arrivals, Grand Entrance, Red Carpet and  Interviews. All windows are in real-time and simulcast.

Who are the  nominees for the Health Care Oscars in 2012 ?


Best use of Health 2.0

Best Electronic Medical Record

Best Social Media Platform

Best mobile application

Best Health Information Exchange

Best Health Insurance Reform Plan

Best Translational Science application

Best genomic discovery an application in healthcare's

Best Health Blog

Best General Medicine Journal

Best Specialty Medicine Journal

Perhaps the Nobel Prize, Woman in Science Award, The National Academy of Sciences Awards,


The Lasker Award

The Elliott Cressen Gold Medal Award, (now a part of The Franklin Institute)

The Alpha Omega Alpha Honorary Society (AOA),

Wolf Prize in Medicine,

Further suggestions are invited @glevin1 or email

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