Thursday, January 26, 2012

Health Train Makeover

About a year ago I had thoughts about a major change in the Health Train layout. Well, I thought about it, and thought about it, and thought about it some more. Much happened in health reform, health IT and also in social media during 2011 As it turned out I am  happy I waited..

Six months ago 64% of physicians were using social media. In January 2012 over 95% of MDs were using social media in some form in their medical practice routine.

Health Train Express was one of the first health related blogs in the  social media stream;  we have been a loyal user of the blogger platform all these years (almost ten years)

Under-rated blogger has given us consistent performance all along. It is much simpler to use than WordPress, Drupal and other blog platforms. 

It suffers from the illusion that since it is not a standard .com domain it receives less respect among bloggers.  Platforms however do not make the content.

The announcement  Health Train Express will transform later today or tomorrow onto the new Blogger dynamic platform. This will create an exciting visual display of posts which will easily allow access of older posts and archived posts without a more……tab at the bottom of each page

As you may know Blogger has been owned by Google for some time. You also know that Google turned of it’s Google Health Platform on December 3, 2012.

Look for the


The change will create a tight integration with most of Google’s services and applications. Health Train Express will also be  available as a Google Page.

It will increase it’s readership and visibility using all of Google’s power with integration into Google plus with each post and also enable real-time access to Google Hangout’s for those who wish to do so. There will be a Google + widget to enter our Google + stream and any active hangouts.  If you own a Google plus ID it will allow you to send an invitation to Health Train Express’ hangouts by way of a ‘JOIN’ button that pops up in our G+ stream, our email and a pop-up Google IM chat box. 

It may be several days until all is working smoothly.

Health Train Express is now aggregated by Health Works Collective, Friendfeed, Social Media Today, Summify,

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