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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Health Train Express Ends 2011


No, Health Train Express is not ending in 2011, rather is signals the time for the annual wrap up on 2011’s big news, small news, and no news.

All of this information need not be regurgitated here, but for those of you who automatically check here daily, I than you.

I have posted a number of links that will feed your never ending quest for information:

General News from the U.K.

Social Media in Medicine: The Answer to the Doctor’s Lounge

Best Hospitals 2011-2012 The Methodology

Best Hospitals 2011-2012

Top 10 Medical Breakthroughs: This one is a little more difficult to list. There are a number of determinants, such as basic science, specialization, public health and others which will effect efficiency and cost savings.

Listed in reverse order starting with:

10. Genetically Modified Mosquitoes to Reduce Disease Threat
9. Novel Diabetes Therapy: SGLT2 Inhibitors
8. Harnessing Big Data to Improve Heath Care
7. Active Bionic Prosthesis: Wearable Robotic Devices
6. Implantable Device to Treat Complex Brain Aneurysms
5. Increasing Discovery with Next-Generation Gene Sequencing
4. Medical Apps for Mobile Devices
3. Concussion Management System for Athletes
2. CT Scans for Early Detection of Lung Cancer
1. Catheter-Based Renal Denervation to Control Resistant Hypertension

You are free to chose a list from:

The Top List of Everything from Times Magazine

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