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Monday, December 5, 2011

Health Reform Politicization

Those of you who read Health Train know that I invite others to post here. Since I am a physician I cannot write as well as some devotees to journalism. I have many other sources listed on the blog in the lower portion of the right hand banner.

Later this week  I will be featuring a new source.”Reforming Health” written by Naomi Freundlich  an award-winning journalist, policy wonk and health advocate with over 25 years experience writing and thinking about health care, medicine, and the absolute necessity of creating an equitable, affordable and high-quality health care system that offers coverage to all who need it.

The discussion of health reform and policy must be in an open and transparent forum which Health Train Express attempts to encourage. The diversity of opinion will strengthen and increase chances for a successful outcome.

Health reform has already fallen victim to politicization and radicalized thinking which benefits no one. If it fails, everyone loses. No party will be immune from criticism and will suffer the consequences of irresponsible positioning and stereotyping the opposition.

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