Sunday, November 6, 2011

The End of Medicine as We Knew It, R.I.P.

Does the message here operate when we face unwanted or unexpected changes. Do we grieve for that which we use daily and come to ‘love’.

Am I sticking my neck out? Don’t shoot the messengers  Sleeping half-moon


Am  I a messenger or a heretic? Perhaps a little of both. I am always open to changes, however my first reaction to a new idea or product is enthusiasm tempered by a bit of hesitancy until I see which way the wind will blow.  My decisions inevitably depend upon a proven technology and adoption. Too many times I have invested in great possibilities that can not or are not self-sustaining, become obsolete, old in short time, or created more problems than are solved.

This applies to technology in diagnostic and therapeutic machines, as well as cost containment, HMOs, PPOs, ACOs Machinations about EMR, HIT, incentives and penalties, deadlines for adoption that are never realistic, and all the machinations of a far distant decision making process inside a ‘beltway’.

Despite serious reservations and outright negative commentary, physicians see some or all of these adopted, and continue to practice medicine, with each change creating more frustration built upon previous layers of negative results, and negative ROI.

Does it really matter? Can medicine as we know it survive or do we just let it R.I.P. ?

Perhaps this is just my Sunday morning ennui

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