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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Health Train Express 2011



The time of year is approaching when change and snow are in the air. We are approaching Health Train’s 7th Anniversary. During the next several weeks Health Train Express will be redesigned with new cars, engine and perhaps add a caboose. We are eliminating the many distractions on the side banners and also eliminating our blog roll. Readers will be left with social media buttons for Facebook, twitter and G+

Gone will be the other links such as   These were far more useful in past years prior to the explosion and common use of social media.  Health Train is based upon fact and opinion. Our mission is to put it out there, and there are better internet businesses that focus on distribution, networking and building a following.

With that the  Health Train Express Design Template will also change.

A helpful effect will be faster  page loading times.

In a continuing effort to make the pages attractive, capture attention and readable I will continue to include links to videos, and some images, although there will be far fewer to keep loading times to a minimal amount.

I will continue to include appropriate links for those who wish to deep dyve into a particular section.


Thanks for travelling thus far with me on the train..


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