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Monday, October 24, 2011

Google + and Health Train Express


Health Train Express will soon have a direct link with Google +. The link is in place but not yet functional.

For those familiar with Google + the functionality will be identical to G+ that you now access, including social groups (Circles) over which you have complete control. Our readers will be encouraged to set up a “Circle” named “Health Train Express” There you may ‘friend’ others who read our blog and/or other social media in medicine. The site has the capability of back linking to any of our archived and current posts. Images can be uploaded and you will also be placed in our circle of readers. A key feature is Google Hangout where uses can video conference with nine other readers for discussions on Health Care and Social Media #HCSM.

Google + readership now exceeds 50 million individual users, growing from zero to it’s present size in only 90 days.

Readers will notice that Health Train has shifted it’s focus recently to social media. The reasons are obvious because Social Media has become an influencer of the healthcare community. #hcsm now links to many websites, patient education products, links to other medical professionals and a form of communication between medical conference participants. Google hangouts offer an unsurpassed window to online video conferences with up to ten participants.

Health Train will utilize #hcsm to convey and make relevant announcements as well as hosting Google Hangouts which will be announced here.

Google + like Twitter offers a search engine like feature using hash tags.

 Gunter D.Fuchs, Senior Partner, The Fox Group

Foxe tags offers a directory of # tags. It is regularly updated and a good starting point for research.

Physicians would be advised to open a Google + account, which does not require a profile. This allows user access to all of it’s functionality. It requires an email account on 

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