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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Apple on the Health Train

Shocking Photo Steve Jobs on Wheelchair

Steve Job’s life and death have had a deep impact here on earth. His accomplishments rival those of  Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, Andrew Carnegie, Richard B. Mellon, Rockefeller, Harvey Firestone, John D. Rockefeller, J.P. Getty,

Who would have known what transpired between these two photos of Steve Jobs at the extremes of our lives. It is almost as if his physical being was transformed into his inventions.

Bloomberg’s Business Weekly tells the story of Jobs from 1955-1985.

ABC News perhaps gives the best video-documentary of Job’s Professional Career.

As his life progressed he gave much of himself, 101 % to his family and community and will leave a legacy to the city of Cupertino with the new Apple Campus.

Steve Jobs will be remembered for many things His famous quote at Stanford University's commencement address in 2007, “Stay hungry, stay foolish”. will most likely go down as the most memorable spoken word of Jobs. 

Steve was an artist in  form and function for his numerous devices. He was the master of ceremonies for each introduction of a new revolutionary gee- whiz device, each one of which changed millions of lives, and spun off new companies, fueling entrepreneurship.

Steve (many felt comfortable enough with him, to call him that) even if they were not close friends.

iphone ipad ipod Music & Video Transference Between iPod, iPhone and iPad

Job’s impact on healthcare is now becoming apparent and although Apple was a late entrant into HIT, the iPhone and iPad have produced the most useful human-machine interface to work flow in medical practice at the bedside, office, and for remote work from home, in a car, on a lake, and at times in the air. Numerous medical calculators, Medical search engines, journals,   Continuing medical education podcasts also are readily available from iTunes.

Jobs left a legacy for healthcare, in a cost effective IT device. The iPhone and IPad have spawned a niche for remote monitoring, imaging, and Facetime has a secure video capability that will stimulate remote office visits.

The R&D at Apple must have been enormous. Jobs was a revolutionary at project management, coordinating production and manufacturing and assembly of Apple’s devices. Steve recognized the time involved in product development, working on many devices, many of which we probably will never know about.

Steve Jobs had the next two generations of inventions’ already planned and designed when he launched any Apple product.

His designers not only designed functional electronics, but delivered them in a unique refined manner, much like a piece of  expensive jewelry or perfume. The interior design of the package was designed and produced as carefully as the internal electronics. Much of the joy of buying an Apple Product was the artistry and almost magical process of unpacking “the Apple”. Whenever you bought an Apple Product…it was Christmas time. The “fruit” of his inventions was the apple, the much maligned object of man’s downfall. However this Apple was not denigrated as the one in the Garden of Eden.

Apple is a  huge company, yet he somehow managed to inspire complete secrecy in his employees, going far beyond the written contract between him and employees. Not much detail was known about the final release of a product until the day of launch. It is safe to say that if the U.S. government could keep a secret, Jobs could do it one better.

At the same time as we idolize and perhaps magnify his life,  Steve Jobs was loved by his wife Lauren and their three children Eve, Erin and Reed. They supported him and stood by him as he battled cancer and though they no longer have a father, they'll always have his legacy. and children must share a deep personal loss sharing his end.

His personal life had the normal ‘tragedies’ of any life, which fade into ghostly events as life goes on.

R.I.P. Steve Jobs

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We can't forget Steve, not because of their numerous invention in IT and Telecommunication, but also he is a great man,he is not a college graduate but he successful in their field because they love to his profession. He always try to do something for health and fitness .