Monday, September 26, 2011

Social Media for Hospitals and Clinics

Mayo Clinic has established a formal Social Media Department to enhance patient care and educational needs.

Lee Aase (@LeeAase) created this slide share presentation which is also available online  There is also a presentation transcript, if one scrolls down the page.

Lee Aase is the Director, Mayo Clinic Center for Social Media. (#MCCSM) THIS IS THE EPONYM FOR TWITTER SEARCHES

For those of you who could not attend, Click Stanford Summit + Medicine 2.0 @Stanford. for the agenda.

Health Train continues to believe that social media will expand and flourish not only in the business world but also will change the game in healthcare, as much as EMR and HIE, and in a much more effective manner as it builds from the ground up.

Next Healthtrain will be  Google +, a fast moving high speed maglev vehicle with enormous potential for health institutions and clinic communication.

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