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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Health Train in a Hurricane

Having been through several earthquakes,hurricanes, floods I will take an earthquake any day !  I hope my east coast readers are all okay.

Katrina seemed to have taught emergency management many things.

1. Evacuate early

2. Be proactive…evacuate dependent elders, sick people

3. Encourage people to be prepared with emergency supplies, medications,,(keep them dry)

4.Have a personal plan for yourself and family

5. Let people know how to get ahold of you

6 Your life is more important that your property…that can be replaced, but not you.

7. Take news in small doses. Media tends to hype things.

8. Stay tuned to the weather channel.

9. Have an emergency radio, lantern, and food supply. When you shop don’t buy frozen or food requiring electricity. Chances are you won’;t have any.

10. When using cell phone use saves bandwidth on the cell network. Keep you cell charging, and get an adapter for your car as well as a booster battery.

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