Saturday, May 21, 2011

A Thank you to SERMO

SERMO is a physician only  professional social network. It has been existence for about five years. Started by visionary Dan Palestrant MD, SERMO had a  brief romance with the AMA, however SERMO and the AMA parted ways, disagreeing agreeably that their missions were mutually incompatible. SERMO continues steady growth and has a loyal following. The business model is simple and quite stable. It is explained transparently on the web site.

Here were my comments upon receiving the SERMO Badge which is on the right hand banner.  Long Live SERMO !

On behalf of Health Train Express and all my fellow bloggers, thanks you to SERMO for the recognition of  Health Train Express.  Just as other bloggers I put some effort into the "enterprise".  It began as a simple newsletter regarding the development of a regional health information exchange in 2005. It eventually expanded into a free floating stream of 'nonsense", varying from topic to topic in health care.  This was in the days when few knew what a blog was, and there was no social media.

I find that writing the blogs offers me the opportunity to share serious, humorous and outrageous thoughts and events in my life.  It substitutes for lack of time to discuss all the important events in medicine on a daily basis and not wait for the next meeting.

It also has opened up a huge audience, and I receive many comments from around the globe. 

I highly recommend the medium.  Caution...You are entering the "NO SPIN ZONE (Bill O'Reilly) and it is highly ADDICTIVE !  (Ask my spouse)


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