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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Google Health What’s Wrong With It

Google AccountsSee all those ‘blue letters’  they don’t print.

In the hope that someday it might save me or my family some time (or maybe my life)  I have been entering medical data into GH the past year or so.

Yesterday my wife has a doctor appointment and I went to and logged in. I reviewed the data.  It was easy to read online.  I decided to print it and take it with us to the appointment.

As usual when going to the doctor one is rushed, so I clicked on the pdf tab and print and walked off.  As I was running out the door and driving to the doctor I glanced at the print out. Much of it was blank, and'/or unreadable.

Now you may ask why. Why? Because Google was intent on making a ‘pretty display’ of basically boring data.  So a great deal of it was in color, blue to be exact, which does not print at all on B&W printers (which many people have if they use a laser printer, or more likely a deskjet of MFP which has an empty color cartridge (which mine did ).  I will bet you a buckwheat that most people have an empty color cartridge (because they are too expensive, and not really needed 95% of the time.

So Google if you are listening and not busy searching, please fix your Health web site so it is not useless for many people.

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