Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Resolutions to Consider

by Gary Levin M.D.



It’s that time of the year.  As we close out 2010 we look back at another year of tremendous change in many areas of healthcare.

I made many resolutions last December 2009, and unfortunately most of them did not come to pass.  At the time they seemed well intentioned, and who does not make New Year’s Resolutions without that goal in mind.

Well, you and I, despite our self appraisal of estimates of high intelligence,  do not control government, or the weather. They however are very powerful forces, and when either runs well and the weather is fair, life can be good, and if it is stormy or a cold front meets a warm front, the results can be light rain or tornados. During the past year we had storms in both venues.  The climate change  is more apparent in government that global climate change.

Marked differences between political parties overwhelmed any effort to make intelligent legislative decisions.  It is as if the recent healthcare reform was designed to let loose the forces on both sides. The legislation is so broad it is rendered impotent by the inconsistencies so apparent to professionals in health care. The attempt to control market influence with badly worded legislation that oversteps regulatory process has catalyzed chaos. Business is unable to plan financially due to extreme uncertainty of the climate for health care expenses.  Health insurers are attempting to hedge against mandates for the uninsured which run one hundred eighty degrees against the intended outcome for health finance reform.

Perhaps there is one thing you and I can do:



Wishing all of Us:

ABBA Classic Happy New Year !


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