Sunday, December 5, 2010

A Disruption in the Continuum


Like Captain Picard I sense a disruption in the continuum. Although we have been travelling at warp 9 through the celestial span, our sensors detect a sub-space discontinuity that is causing the warp engine to overheat.  The plasma container is failing, and we can no longer maintain life support on the holohealth deck.  Health 2.0 and blogging is in grave danger. At the rate of decay of medical ethics, we may also not be able to maintain life forces as we knew it.  The discontinuity in the sub space spectrum is causing a severe disruption in our broadband speed.  We may have to resort to dial-up photon propulsion.

The Federation may no longer provide reimbursement to the outer limits of federation space.  The Romulans have promised global health care to the Federation fleet, as well as the uninsured Klingons.



Klingon Insignia


A Romulan  (in good health)

Vulcan has  made an offer through their spokesman, Spock to form an ACO(Accountable Care Organization) to provide health care to the entire galactic space. 

They are building outlying clinics for rural areas of the space-timcontinuum. These distant outposts will be eligible for federated grants to underserved, under populated federation space stations.


A Klingon in bad health without Federation  ACO


Spock ACO delivers preventive health measures as an added value to ACO.


The unknown expenditures for the Borg


may be offset by the first lady’ charm and budgeting at home.

Non disclosure and waiver of liability.

The events, pictures and portrayals  in this posting are intended as humor, without disrespect, or harmful innuendo, except that Barak Obama has an uncanny resemblance to Spock. 

We need to see his real birth certificate.

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