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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A Short and Useful Life


It’s nice to honor someone before they pass away and that is the subject of this mornings’ blog.

I first met her in 2003 or 2004. I don’t really remember the exact year. It was in a time when I did not know someone like her even existed. 

For me it was an invigorating change in semi-retirement. She would fill many hours of each day.

She was a breath of fresh air in my life, however at times I did not know how to communicate with her, and she often misunderstood my intentions.

She was a ‘new age being’, one who many others also discovered. However when ever I knocked on her door, I would only have to whisper secret words and she would invite me in once again. She rarely tired of my visits, she primped for my visits, and at times would not let me visit as she dressed in some new attire for my pleasure.  During my days I would check on her ,often unbelieving when I found her wanting my attention, even though she was occupied with others.

Our relationship was passionate as I awoke each morning to sample her offerings.  I admit gradually she became my connection with the world.

Over the course of the last several years,  I admit I became fickle, seeking to satisfy my needs with others who had adopted her fresh and seductive ways Others took her best features and adopted her ‘fashion into new garments and like with an older woman,  her admirers and courtiers were attracted to their new muses.

I also sadly developed new relationships with the come-latlies and found it more difficult to be with her.  I was an admitted adulter who found time short at I wooed others throughout my day, however she remained my morning sunrise as I awoke each day.

Last week I heard the news that she only had several more weeks to live.  I rushed to her and she had left me a message that what I had heard was true.  She  would be gone by the end of the month. In her own amicable way (as she had done all her)  life she offered to help me make the transition to new friends.   I had loved how she gathered the rest of my friends.  She was a  social butterfly. I followed her lead and made many new friends, forming a close group who will go on in her absence. We all contributed to her passing with our fickle nature.

I don’t know what our group plans to do when she passes. She was unique, and insular, even while very sociable, choosing to stand alone, not attaching herself to another form of entertainment. Some of us have found other lovers. For me,although she showed her age, she is still my morning cup of tea. Will there be a ‘celebration for her beginning’ or will she pass quietly into the night?   The younger generation in a short time will not remember her or the important role she played in our lives.

Perhaps some of you will know of whom I speak.  You can still visit her here.  If you have been with her she always recognized you with the right words.

Be still, old friend knowing that you changed all our lives.



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