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Friday, October 15, 2010

Resistance is NOT FUTILE


Unlike the Borg of Star Trek humanity (at least in the United States) is resisting becoming total automatons by following our governmental policy proclaiming it knows what is best for us.

Things are not as bad as they seem.  Yesterday a Florida judge proclaimed:  Thursday that a legal challenge to the new health care law by officials from 20 states could move forward ...," The New York Times reports

"The White House downplayed the ruling Thursday." Stephanie Cutter, an assistant to the president for special projects, wrote on the White House blog: "This is nothing new. We saw this with the Social Security Act, the Civil Rights Act, and the Voting Rights Act – constitutional challenges were brought to all three of these monumental pieces of legislation, and all of those challenges failed. So too will the challenge to health reform".

Just last week a Michigan judge struck down a similar challenge to the health reform law, arguing the congress was well within its constitutional authority when it crafted the law.


Reforming the Reform


How to Reform Obama Care Starting Now

Scott Gottlieb and Tom Miller, American Enterprise Institute
The Wall Street Journal, 10/14/10

After November, more than 30 Republican governors (many newly elected) will have the opportunity to resist the health overhaul legislation at the state level. They should perform as much radical surgery as possible on the mandated health insurance exchanges until a new Congress working with a different president can do something better. By offering their own market-friendly versions of the exchanges, they will establish an alternative to Obama Care and its one-size-fits-all health plans. For example, any willing insurers already licensed to operate in a state should be able to offer plans. Once inside the exchange, consumers would be guaranteed the ability to renew their coverage without regard to changes in their health status, so long as they remain continuously insured. Some states, particularly Utah, are moving in this direction with their own version of market-based exchanges before Obama Care's regulations can catch up. The Utah Health Exchange is an Internet-based information portal that connects consumers to the information they need to make informed choices. In many cases, it allows them to buy insurance electronically. Several other states are interested in establishing similar plans and daring the Obama administration to stop them. Replacing the command-and-control features of Obama Care with a plan offering consumers a real marketplace is a change many people can start to believe in. And one Mr. Obama would be imprudent to oppose.
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