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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Heather Gold is Allowed to Suck


Maybe you think Health Train has gone off his rails.

The relevance here is about malpractice.  This video should inject some ‘humor’ about a not so humorous part of our lives.

At times the “law” attempts to  make impossible contracts work. Perhaps the liability is a two way street. Why does it always land on the physicians’ plate?

Heather Gold Sucks !!


Health train has been addressing IT, health reform, and Health 2.0, with it’s rapid paradigm shift effecting medical care. The latest acronym  ACO, Medical Home, and others I want to forget

So, for the next several days Health Train Express will be aggregating feeds to what I think are the revolutionary and newsworthy events in clinical research, science, and basic science. Some of these have no apparent value to medical care, unless you are smart enough to extrapolate.

For many of us who are now ‘brain dead’ from CMS, EMR, HIT, ACO, HMO, PPO, and planning for SGR, HITECH, PPA overload it will be a leap. Here are a few openers.


Breakthrough Medical News Digest

Making Progress, Does clinical science lead to breakthroughs in Basic Science?

Science Presentations

Science Magazine Breakthrough (An organized presentation of the roles of different basic sciences)

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