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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Health Train Express Schedule & Health 2.0


Stamford-New Canaan Railroad


Health Train will be stopping twice a day to publish an article in the morning and then in the evening. Don’t forget to check twice each day. The AM edition will cover scientific breakthroughs both in basic science and clinical science as well as HIT which will impact how medicine will be practiced in the 21st century. The PM edition will continue to cover HIT and policy reform as well as appropriate humorous subjects.

This morning the train stops briefly to review the messages at Health 2.0, just held the past week in San Francisco.

The street is big on all the flurry and buzz about medicine and HIT. Although I have never attended a Health 2.0 shout out,


I have managed to follow them on the web. Without judging the merits of each presentation, or idea there are substantial numbers of entrepreneurs betting their wallets and time on these developments. We as physicians will gain much from these presentations, if we advise our patients to consider these options. Most of them are “consumer-centric”  and their success will largely depend upon patient acceptance.  Recent market surveys indicate wider acceptance and use of the resources. Videos have been published from the recent gathering of minds.

I enjoyed this one in particular.  Regina Holiday attended the meeting and created a wonderful summary in paint of the conference and what it represented.  Have a look !

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