Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Reviewing the Past

Yesterday I was privileged to witness the growth of our Inland Empire Health Information Organization. After one false start five years ago it now will happen.   Bottom line,  you just follow the money and the open pocketbook of the U.S. Congress (your taxpayer dollars)

I had been away for almost five years after planting a seed for the development of this important initiative.

Five years ago when David Brailer MD was head of ONCHIT few knew what was being planned nor what would come to fruition.

For those who want to look at some of those days click here…..

I don’t really remember writing some of these blogs , but this one was particularly funny (at least to me)

After a long hard search I found my original blog post announcing the formation of the Riverside Regional Health Information Technology Group  WHAT WAS I THINKING??? circa February 2005 (over five years ago)!!!

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