Monday, September 20, 2010

New venue

I was busy the past several days working on relocating health train express onto a new ‘track’.  I had some difficulties transporting images from my present location, so health train express will remain on this track while I resolve some ‘geek’ issues.


President Obama is beginning another round of promoting ‘Obama care”.  Public opinion is overwhelming against the overall scope of reform..  Today’s Wall Street Journal Blog focuses on this,

“Health Care on the Agenda: Following mid-term elections, the Obama administration this week will once again focus on pushing the overhaul of the health care system, with the president giving a health-care speech on Wednesday, reports the WSJ. Public support has continued to wane, particularly in light of unpopular moves like some insurers saying they must raise premiums well beyond the anticipated 1% to 2%. Some provisions of the law take effect this week, including the one allowing young adults to stay on their parents’ plan until age 26.”

No doubt he has heard the rumblings from the outcome of primaries this past week.  

What is interesting in the above commentary is that the insurers were at the table of reform machinations, and now have backtracked on their estimates of the increased cost to them caused by health reform.

Stay tuned…………..image

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