Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Do You Know What your Ratings are?

Internet web based rating sites have grown substantially in the past five  years.  At first I thought this would be a short lived phenomenon, however like most things on the internet they have flourished.

I must admit that I now Google for most of my colleagues’ information, because it is so efficient.  Usually the top rated first page results from a Google search brings up ‘Ucompare”, Healthgrades, Wellness,


If you don’t know the name and who John R. Morrow is and what he  does you need a quick brief on what he does and how it may matter to all of us.

John R. Morrow has founded, created and contributed to a variety of national and international ratings programs including; 100 Top Hospitals : Benchmarks for Success℠ a Thomson-Reuters product, The Patient Satisfaction Index™ a National Research Corporation product, The Hospital Value Index™ a Press Ganey & Associates property, and is currently in Beta with Distinguished Doctor™, a new doctor profiling initiative. Morrow was a Principal at HCIA/Solucient, CEO of CHKS (UK) Ltd, SVP at HealthGrades and is Principal at The Ratings Guy LLC.

Matthew Holt published an article by Mr. Morrow in today’s The Health Care Blog.

Understand that all of this rating stuff is here, and it will remain so. It will be better to learn how to deal with it….it is not going away (until the flow of money stops to those web publishers.

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