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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

It Takes a Village.....

Recently I was sent an email regarding the development of "Healthy Howard".   No, it's not the "Truman Show".


Tech Firm, Howard County Partner to Help Uninsured

BETHESDA, MD (July 22) -- Howard County, Maryland, has enlisted local technology firm Healthcare Interactive to help manage its Healthy Howard program for uninsured residents.

"We're thrilled to count Healthcare Interactive among our partners in delivering critical healthcare services to Howard County residents who need them," said Liddy Garcia-Bunuel, Executive Director of Healthy Howard.

The program -- the first of its kind in the nation -- provides basic medical services at low cost to Howard County residents who cannot afford or obtain health insurance. For a small monthly fee, participants have access to primary care, discounted prescription drugs, emergency treatment, and inpatient hospital care, among other services. Concierge nurses and health coaches work with participants in their own homes and help them create personalized action plans for achieving their health goals.

Healthy Howard will serve as a model for the state-based co-ops and insurance exchanges that will soon be set up as a result of federal health reform legislation.

With Healthcare Interactive's innovative point-to-point (P2P) software, Healthy Howard administrators will be able to interact with beneficiaries as they receive care. The technology will also support the program's health coaching initiatives by connecting participants directly with healthcare professionals.

"It's critical that Healthy Howard's participants take steps to lead healthy lifestyles," said Dr. Peter Beilenson, Howard County Health Officer. "Healthcare Interactive's software will help us engage members directly and support their efforts to stay healthy."

"With Healthy Howard, we're working to build a model public health community right here in Howard County," said County Executive Ken Ulman. "Healthcare Interactive's technology will help us reach that goal."

"The Healthy Howard Plan is an exemplary way of expanding access to health care," said Henry Cha, President of Healthcare Interactive. "We're proud to help Howard County extend low-cost health services to those in need."


Howard County Executive Ken Ulman, Howard County Health Officer Dr. Peter Beilenson, Health Howard Executive Director Liddy Garcia-Bunuel, and Healthcare Interactive President Henry Cha are all available for interviews.

For more information or to set up an interview, please contact Melissa Garner at 202-471-4228 or  

About Healthy Howard

Healthy Howard Health Plan is a new program designed to connect Howard County residents to affordable health care services and help our community overcome barriers to healthy living. The Plan is not insurance, but offers basic medical and preventive care to eligible residents who would otherwise not be able to afford or obtain health insurance.

The Plan was created to address the Howard County administration’s goal of creating a model public health community. Even though the Health Department has been involved since its inception, the Plan will be administered through Healthy Howard, Inc., a non-profit organization.

About Healthcare Interactive

Healthcare Interactive is a software development company that has created a platform called Healthspace®, which is a development and integration platform for creating seamless healthcare applications. Healthspace has been used to create applications for employers, third-party administrators, PBMs, and disease management within both the private and federal industries.


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