Friday, July 2, 2010

Happy Independence Day

The freedoms to practice medicine...........................

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It's that time again, the anniversary of the "birth" of our nation. The 4th of July means many things to many people. For our warriors away from home it memorializes what our country is all about. "FREEDOM" 

When I was younger I did not appreciate fully how challenging it is to establish and maintain "FREEDOM'  The seed must be planted in  fertile ground, watered and fertiilzed.  Neglecting the plant and not watering it will result in withering and death.

One of the best fertilizers for "FREEDOM" is the diversity, discourse, and  strong disagreements among it's citizens.  Just like the first law of thermodynamics, organizations tends to descend into chaos without  adding more energy. 'FREEDOM' will always require energy to maintain.

And while our economy is suffering, "FREEDOM" remains strong. It however is endangered by the crisies, real or manufactured.

Governments may be induced to suspend "FREEDOM" in the interest of public safety, and disasters.

Our leaders must be attentive to this emperative and not lose focus dealing with the daily challenge of meeting health care needs, fixing economic markets, and sustaining productivity.

Our founding fathers were true geniuses, establishing a tri-partite government, with each body carrying equal weight in the equation.  It is the duty of the congress to regulate and challenge the executive branch.  The Judicial branch serves to analyze and apply law to certain conflicts with it's opinion(s).

The President is supposed to lead the people,  but not the congress.  Congress is supposed to have a mind of it's own.

Freedom and health care go hand in hand. It's always been a lightening rod for disagreement in the United States, when governments steps in.

Are our leaders who are sworn to defend the constitution and our borders violating their oaths for political  purposes?

As we all enjoy our hamburger's hot dogs, ribs, chicken and other barbecue goodies,  think of the marinade as the "freedom" we have the fortune to live in. Think of the ketchup as the  blood shed to guarrantee our freedoms. Think of the mustard as the gold or riches of our freedoms.

God Bless America,  my home  sweet home.

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