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Monday, July 19, 2010

The Gloves are Off

The gloves are off!!  I have always been a moderate politically and at times liberal in my thoughts about improving society with some radical ideas about poverty, homelessness and other important human issues.  Despite the fact we are the most affluent country in the world we see signs of 'slippage' in our respect from the rest of the world. We have always been the most generous country offering aid to other countries in times of crisis.  That is why I am particularly disturbed that our administration refused aid from other nations at the beginning of the crisis.  What was that all about? Was it our pride about needing, or asking for help? The Norwegians who have much experience in deep water drilling in a much harsher environment offered help immediately.  Who ever was responsible for refusing their assistance was more than negligent in ignoring their offer.  Perhaps this rose to the level of  the 'philosopher king' of our country. 

On another front, near and dear to most of us as physicians, Docs4PatientCare is on a new campaign to inform our patients the sheer 'chutzpah' of the administration regarding Don Berwick's appointment to Head of CMS.

After reading this post and watching the VIDEO, please comment and write your representative that you want Berwick's appointment rescinded  pending a thorough mandated confirmation hearing.

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