Tuesday, June 1, 2010

EMR and HIT Usability

The Feds well meaning attempt to stimulate HIT development addresses only one aspect of the reticence of physicians reluctance to move toward using EMR.

The other large stumbling block is 'usability'. How user friendly is the system?  Can the user enter data with the least number of key strokes and/or mouse movements and clicks?  Who analyzes and gathers this data?  I call for each vendor to produce this data.

I know this to be a fact since I have used several EMR systems, AHLTA and VISTA/CPRS.  These perhaps are not the best indicators of usability.  Neither can usability be generalized for primary care, vs specialty care.  Each requires different indicators for successful implementation.

Successful implementation in the ambulatory physician setting is not the same as in a hospital setting.  The range of users in hospital is far greater than in the physician office.

How can collaboration improve the user rate of compliance.

Some of the aspects of compliance regarding post hospitalization protocols may be adapted for EMR usage as well.

Sensitivity to operations,

Deference to expertise,

 Reluctance to simplify, 


Preoccupation with failure:


Jonathon Bush of Athena Health has this to say about HITECH,  Meaningful Use, and other topical interests: (Caution you are entering the 'no spin zone' and some material may not be suitable for some watchers.)

Jonathan Bush, CEO, AthenaHealth from Health 2.0 on Vimeo.