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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mom's on the Health Train Express

This past month I turned 67 years old. Today is Mother’s day in America. Mother’s are the strongest and deepest bonds we experience in life. They are our first and lasting imprint on our minds, auditory, visual and sensory. Fathers are important, however Mothers are crucial to sons, and daughters.

My mother passed away five years ago at age 89. Her last three years were spent in an assisted living facility and towards the end she knew not my brother or myself. She became less lucid as the end approached. My brother lived near her and made sure her needs were met as to where she lived and he became the executor for her personal financial affairs. I lived some distance from her and had many of my own responsibilities, a disabled wife and very ill son. I will never forgive myself for not making time for her.

During the last few years of her life I would speak with her on Mother’s day and apologize for not being there with her. She would respond saying it’s okay you have your own family now, it’s enough you remembered me…it’s enough…..

It’s enough rings in my ears to this day. No, it was never enough and that clarified itself on these past mother’s day when my first and lasting thought  was to call her. It was not a thought, it was a deep emotional reflex, lingering throughout the day.

So Happy Mother's Day to all you Mom's....and boys and girls don't forget 'the mom". Tags: ,,,,

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