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Monday, May 3, 2010



The playing field in health information data exchanges amongst vendors is beginning to look a lot like EMR offerings several years ago.  However, today there appears to be a de-facto standard set by CCHIT.  It remains to be seen if the feds will mess this up, too in their quest for 'higher standards' such as NIST.

The recent offerings were displayed and discussed at HIMSS 2010, which can be found here...............

As the marketplace continues to gain calories, a number of vendors in EMR, and even mobile platforms are jumping into the fray

You can take at some of these offerings here:


Systems Healthshare

inFrame (Medecison)


Medical-Data-Exchange Verizon

CONNECT  (NHIN Open Source)

KLAS is a reputable consulting company that evaluates software and certification standards.  They offer a white paper regarding EMRs and HIE offering for both providers, consultants and vendors.  They offer an overview and analysis of the current state of data exchanges throughout the United States.

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