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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Meaningful Use, ONCHIT

Today's  offering is a collection of web reference sources, and video keynotes regarding the Office of The National Coordinator for Information Technology.



Electronic Health Records Critical to Effective Reporting of Quality Measures Says ACP


David Blumenthal MD on Meaningful Use of EMR. Dr. Blumenthal is the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology His Keynote Speech is 20 minutes into the video.


A Parallel Universe  David Hesse, CEO Sprint/Nextel

Dramatic Challenges and Changes in Health Communications

Mobility Technology and it's use at the Point of Care

Compelling Health Information Solutions

4G, What's in it for me?


There is much buried in this legislation....a worthwile  read, even if only a quick scan

Competition for Certification Authority




????  During the last four years EHR vendors have formed the alliance called CCHIT, to establish the standards for interoperability of disparate electronic health records.   A large number of vendors have already complied with this standard.  In fact many potential users have taken a wait and see attitude because of the lack of a standard.

ONCHIT had recently announced that it would seek out other potential certifying bodys (ie, COMPETITORS) before adopting one standard.  Thus far there has been only one other competitor (THE DRUMMOND GROUP).

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