Wednesday, February 3, 2010

You Lie, and Too Many mis-statements


Obama's lieutenants (Heads of Cabinet positions and Departments) seem to make outrageous statements that any simpleton can see through.  The first egregious mis-step was on the part of Secretary Napolitano (her name reminds me of an ice cream, a mix of pink, white, and brown flavors (like Obama's mindset).


Her initial statement that all went well with DHS's methods of preventing terror attacks such as the one on a recent airline flight, was quickly retracted and modified into a politically correct statement. 


The next misstep  was by the head of the Department of Transportation, that everyone owning a Toyota should stop driving it until a fix can be accomplished.  Obviously again retracted the next day.  Has Obama hired a bunch of idiots based upon political correctness?  Let's not even talk about our attorney general. Afraid to back down and turn the terrorist over to military police, he has spun this story into the success measured by events which took place prior to the detention facility at Guantanamo and the organization of military tribunals.

Can we afford these kinds of mistakes in general, and what will happen to health care?  Whoops I didn't mean to give you the wrong diagnosis.  

Certainly our adversaries have noticed these incompetencies. And where is congress?  Buried in a dark hidden 'transparent' room masturbating over health care legislation. Strong words, not politically correct, nor tasteful, but true.......

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