Sunday, February 14, 2010


If you are like me, then you are fed up with hearing about “bipartisan support” for health care reform. Most of us would like to see non-partisan health reform. The recent pronouncement from on high is about the coming conference between Dems and Repubs regarding health care reform.  A dollar late and a dollar short.
Most interested parties could  care less about ‘bipartisan support’.   This wraps the process in a shroud of chaos and cloaks what the people really want and that is  MEANINGFUL change in our health system, not just another step in the path to federalized and/or socialized medicine. The TEA (party), which is not  a political party, but a movement amongst both Democrats and Republicans who agree that our federal government is out of control, not just in health care matters, and also violating constitutional guarantees regarding the limits of federal power as conceived by some very smart folks such as Thomas Jefferson, Ben Franklin and others.

Case in point:  The recent election of Scott Brown in Massachussetts surprised most dyed in the wool Democrats, however it bespeaks the deep distrust of politics as usual in the “Cradle of Liberty”, now an oxymoron.  The citizens of Massachussetts are burdened with their “socialized medical system”, in a state where the longest wait times occur for primary care (over 50 days).  It’s not hard to believe that now, a  heavily Democratic stronghold given what the ‘people’ really think about government health care, and it’s intrusion into medical care. 

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