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Sunday, January 3, 2010

2010 + 5

It was a very nice quiet  New Years on the Health Train Express. Fill in anchors on the networks and cable 24 hour media events, and less about healthcare.

Congress will be back in  session very shortly and the fires will be stoked up.

A colleague of mine sent this to me. Common sense, common values, and a real friend to physicians. 

Mike Huckabee (click to go to media)

If this doesn't warm  your heart in this cold January week perhaps a raise in our reimbursements would.  We are in a world of negative reward.  We feel good if we stop the cuts, we think we have won a battle.

We all need to take the Mayo Clinic route.  Give up  Medicare.

Tomorrow I return to what I like most about medicine, Patient care.  The rest of it is there supposedly to help me do that  better. (not a reality)

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