Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Health 2.0 Conference ver 3.0

I wanted to take a brief moment before I dash off to Health 1.0. Today marks the beginning of Health 2.0 in San Francisco. For t hose you who don't know what this is I refer you to Health2.0

Some interesting observations by Matthew Holt of  The HealthCare Blog.

What is Health 1.0 ?  It's the mess you are going to face in your office today, doctor.  I don't have to elaborate on it here. I hope you have a good day.

Meanwhile on capitol hill, things seem to have quieted down. The polls show a definite shift toward the Obama Plan (whatever that is)....The devil is in the details.  With the  recent outcry in August,  hopefully our elected representatives are reading the bill and having attorneys interpret congressional legalese.  The federal register will never be the same.

WASHINGTON (AP) - The fever has broken. The patient is out of intensive care. But if you're President Barack Obamayou can't stop pacing the waiting room. Health care...image

Thanks to all of the Todd Rubins, Scott Barbours, and Hal Scherz.....who participated and led the Million Med March last week.  We haven't heard anything from the doctors at the White House Rose Garden Tea Party, as yet. 


As you may know these docs were all fervent supporters of Obama's campaign for President.  Not much dissent there, and a safe bet for no demonstrations on the White House lawn. This was a real dog and pony show and a definite chance to land an autograph photo for that office wall.

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