Monday, October 12, 2009


A.H.I.P. for short, dropped a last minute 'bomb'.

This it !    A.H.I.P. chose to announce their disfavor on a Monday morning, which also happens to be a Federal Holiday.  It also came just after the latest media news cycle closed.  Scouring my blog list I did not see any mention of this perfidity of the AHIP.

I seem to remember several months ago how the head of Wellpoint announced how they were cooperating with the reform plans.  What happened?  Perhaps they don't like the idea of offering coverage to the uninsured, the sick and ill, and whoever else they can't make a buck off of.

Deep in the recesses of their accounting departments they have now estimated that the reform measures proposed by the Senate Finance Committee would increase a family's premiums by 4500 dollars/year. I guess what they are saying is "Sure, we'll participate in reform, but it's going to cost 4500 dollars/year for most families. " GIVE US A BREAK !

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