Monday, September 28, 2009

Million Med March


 Put this on your schedule:  October 1, 2009 in Washington, D.C.

An Interview with Hal Scherz, MD a Pediatric Urologist. Hal Scherz practices in Atlanta, Georgia..


Hal has taken the bold step of forming a grass roots organization to link individual physicians and groups with patient advocacy groups to visit congressional representatives (U.S. Sentate, and House of Representatives) during the Health Reform debate and afterward.

The organization is ‘DOCS4PATIENTCARE.ORG ‘. The organization also goes by the same name.

Health Train: Hal, tell me about docs4patientcare .

Dr. Scherz: I decided to form a group that would go to Washington DC for the   "White Coats to Congress Rally "   during the initial march in early September 2009. It was an amazing experience to see so many physicians motivated and willing to take a day from their busy schedule to attend the event.

Health Train: What did you experience at the ‘march’?

Dr Scherz: Several things,

1. We individual physicians have gained an audible voice in the debate and decision making process.

2. Physicians are now willing to participate in grassroots activities outside the cloak of organized medicine.

3. Many physicians do not feel that the AMA or other specialty organizations represent them adequately.

4. The power of individuals is greater than the power collectively of our organizations.

5. Patient advocacy groups and individuals have a greater effect when united in this common goal of insuring that the doctor patient relationship is maintained and strengthened.

6. The people we met in D.C were not political activists, nor radicals. They are ordinary Americans with a passionate message about health reform and the dangers of governmental control and/or intervention in the health process.

Health Train: Where do you go from here?

Dr Scherz:

Our most immediate goal is to gather another group to travel to Washington DC for the ‘Million Med March”. On October 10, 2009.

Health Train: What groups are you affiliated with?

None. We are independent and have no political allegiances or agenda other than making the individual physician’s voices heard.

Health Train: Where are your Chapters?

Dr Scherz: Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Indiana, Phoenix, Baltimore, New York

Health Train: How do I join?, Is this a PAC?

Dr Scherz: No, it is not a PAC. You can go to our website: to register. We are not a PAC. We merely encourage individuals and empower their activities.

Health Train: When is the next “Event”?

The next ‘Event”   The Million Med March"  will take place on October 10,2009 in Washington, DC. Details will be posted on the website,


Health Train: Can I form my own chapter in my area?

Dr Scherz: Yes ,by all means, we are encouraging joining local chapters or forming your own chapter

Healht Train: Do you want to add anything else?

Dr. Scherz: We are an organization searching for passionate and articulate physicians to go to Washington D.C. and possibly have the opportunity to speak on a national forum regarding pending health reform legislation.

Health Train:   Thank you Dr Scherz....we'll see you in Washington on the  1st  of October.

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