Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Summer Recess


As some of us prepare for the long awaited "August" vacation, remember that your elected congressman, senators are also spending time in their congressional districts.  Keep them busy at this critical time and voice your opinions on health reform. 

Things are reaching a critical mass, and this now has national attention, with everyone weighing in...Make our voices heard, fellow physicians and health care workers.

It is apparent that some beginning of health reform will take place. Most opinions revolve around increasing availability of primary care, levelling  reimbursements between primary care (family practice for you other dinosaurs) and specialty care.


Rather than over all revolution it seems that the insurance companies should be the focus of initial changes in regard to cherry picking,image


increasing risk pools and universal coverage via market economics, not government intervention. Government should act to enable this to occur via present structures rather than inventing new government bureaucracy and restrictive regulations.


It seems the critical mass has boiled down to "




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