Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Ramblings on the Health Train


My day here at the government run undisclosed location started off with my morning read of health related blogs, pundits, and rumor mongers.

Buckeye Surgeon from Ohio presents a personal interview with two of his medical school chums, one in private practice and the other who is employed by the Cleveland Clinic. Rather than trusting media sources and medical management statistics, Buckeye decided to do his highly statistically significant study with a cohort of two…..My take on the interview is that some doctors like to work in a group practice, while others are individualists, and like to work alone or in a smaller controllable environment, where you have a choice of wallpaper color, who you hire and fire, and are accountable for just about all you need to practice medicine, and all that you perform. That is what is so unique and vibrant about our health care system….choices for physicians and patients.

Over at MedPolitics , and RealClear Politics The discussion turns to the uninsured.


Here is the “scoop” from t he CATO Institute regarding the uninsured, and who they really are.



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