Monday, July 27, 2009

A Voice in the Wilderness

How many times do you or other specialists watch the current issues affecting medical care, and go back to seeing patients, either because of lack of interest, or more likely time pressures and patient care overwhelm your ability to deliver quality care to patients?

Specialists rely upon their societies to get the  news to the AMA via their specialty representatives or through their local and county medical societies and again through their state medical societies.  Is this effective?

CNBC Debate To Feature Sermo Physicians

Live survey results on CNN

Recently SERMO conducted a survey regarding physician opinions of the AMA's effectivenss in representing physicians. Does their public image and lobbying truly reflect the grass roots views.  SERMO's survey, although small seems to represent a far different view.  95% of the survey respondents said NO.  While there are some that this is  not a valid or scientific study, it does reflect a troubling issue brewing amongst physicians.  The study is biased toward physicians using "NEW MEDIA" , social networking and the internet.  Yet this is an important new vehicle which is more democratic than our previous organizational democracy. It also represents the young movers and shakers who will assume and be affected by health reform proposals.

For those of you unfamiliar with SERMO, it is a web based site with specialty sections.  It began with mostly clinical discussions about cases, and therapeutic interventions.   It grew over the past two years to include  practice mangement, political issues, ethics, philosophy, and medical issues. It is also a direct line to pharmaceutical companies, and others who can tap into the statistics developed from  comments on SERMO.

Be INFORMED, and render your opinions. !!

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