Thursday, July 23, 2009

Senator Tom Coburn's Bill SB 1099

I received an email from my good friend and colleague this morning. Jim Rowsey MD, a now retired academic physician (fellow ophthalmologist) has been working with Senator Tom Coburn (Okla), also a physician for the past several years. Dr. Rowsey, in response to one of my recent blog posts refreshed my memory on alternative proposals spearheaded by Dr. Coburn for health reform. It is published below:

“I am still teaching every state medical society that I can reach, or their Board of Trustees, and the subspecialty societies the value of Tom Coburn, MD's legislation Senate Bill 1099, (and House companion bill 2025) which covers tort reform, Medicaid reform, HSA, and a Patient Driven Health Care system. It the the point of action for physicians to take back control of health care. Jim Rowsey, MD cell 727-642-7017”

The WSJ Blog has this to say about reform:

Is closing military bases the model for health care reform?


Massachussetts has some “ less than original ideas”

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