Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Ultimate Medical Home -The White House



Can the medical home reconcile the high cost of HIT? Was Marcus Welby MD the penultimate medical home?

Despite the "warm fuzzy" acronym of "Medical Home" readers should realize policy makers are not proposing a Marcus Welby MD for every patient.

Two of the best articles on this subject of HIT and medical homes are in todays" columns on The Health Care Blog.


Some of our congressional leaders still do not 'get it". Charles Schumer proposes that any government run program in health care reform follow the standards and regulations of private insurers. Many of our current problems relate to the manner in which private insurers operate. Mr Schumer is a powerful power player in the New York Financial Banking and Wall Street world.

Democrats in Congress hope to shift the debate from the question of whether to create a public health insurance plan to the question of how it would work.

George Lundberg

George Lundberg MD contemplates a 60% reduction in health care expenditures with an 'implosion' imminent in the health care bubble.

The White House has held a 'briefing of stakeholders' this week. who promise a reduction of over 2 trillion dollars in health costs over the next ten years. The complete listing is at the above link.  My question is how can the AMA guarrantee these reductions?

The vast majority of the White House statement is 'politically correct, and couched in meaningless promises. 

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