Thursday, April 30, 2009

Emergency on The Health Train Express???

The  H1N1 viral particle

Okay, what constitutes an emergency??  Our public health authorities now are linked to the Department of Homeland Security.  "Pandemic" is now being used to describe what is not even an epidemic in terms of numbers or morbidity or mortality.

Apparently our bureaucracy of federal and state administration requires the declaration of an 'emergency' to release funding for events such as this.  Let's be clear and scientific about all of this "political posturing' and bad science. We are not in the midst of, nor even approaching a 'pandemic' let alone an epidemic.

On a daily basis we are given figures as to how many deaths and/or reported cases of H1N1 Infuenza have been diagnosed. What we are not being told is how many non H1N1 cases are occuring concurrently.  How does this year's total for 'flu' compare with previous years. 

News travels now at the speed of light, whether true or false. 'Diseases such as flu now travel at the speed of flight.

Fear and panic should not replace caution and sensible behavior.

Public health officials need to inject some sanity into the equation, and media companies need to tone down their rhetoric about H1N1 (now more politically correct than Swine Flu)

Egypt slaughters 300,000 pigs. (Don't they have kosher dietary laws anyway?

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