Saturday, April 11, 2009

Cover you A-s

I came across this on Matt Holt's ''The Health Care Blog" this AM during my usual scan of the health blogosphere.

Blogging has surely tapped into sources that most physicians have neither the access, nor time to analyze.

The health care situation" has now been posited for the iminent financial underpinning of the economy and it's rush toward doom. Numerous bean counters will bemoan the fact that the

health care portion of the economy is increasing in relation to the GDP to the point where it is unsustainable.


Will a "Universal Payor" (socialized, or privatized) do anything to reverse this trend??  Most providers recognized the inherent inefficiencies and redundant bureaucratic organizations operating in the healthcare sphere.

Health care has been labelled as 'the driving force' toward financial doom as it's financial underpinning and never ending demand for services. 

In the past, venture capital funding for health care has been meager when compared to the rest of the financial world.

Tim Mullaney in The Health Care Blog  discusses the Psilos Group's plan to raise 450 million dollars. The fund support Health Care Technology and Services.

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