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Monday, January 19, 2009

The Life of Health Train Express

For almost five years now I have been blogging at this site. It has been very enjoyable. And no, this is not a farewell post, nor an explanation that I am too busy, or bored with it all.

Writing is a passion for some people, and computers and the internet give us all a new tool for creativity, networking and publication without all the hoo-ha of a formal writer’s or author’s support group, agents, publicists, book tours,  etc etc.

I have mined more from this experience, as most blogger’s have, than what I have contributed with my little blog espousing my small opinions from my perspective as a grass roots doctor.

I have written the blog with few comments made by readers, however for me it is not all about how many ‘hits’ nor comments I get.  I have refrained from ‘monetizing’ the blog as some have done.  My primary source of income has always remained clinical patient care, my  flirtation with blogging coming in  a very close second calling.  Recently I have been getting more comments and personal comments of how the blog is seen by other bloggers, Twit contacts, Facebook and the other social networking media of the ‘new generation’ of afficionados of tech. 

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