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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Health Train Express Dining Car..."Caramel Macchiato Anyone?"

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My ego has been inflated (more than usual) by inclusion of Health Train Express in Richard Reece's  700th blog.   This for me is akin to making "Oprahs"  list of books to be read before "End times".

Matt Holt's recent "WONK" summarizes Dr Reeces' consistent eloquence in each of his blogs.  Medinnovation is always a 'must read' and deserves a spot in your "feeds list".  Richard"s  blog and Matt's "The Health Care Blog"  are right up there with my

"Carmel Macchiato at Starbucks !!!

While the holiday season was ongoing this "west coast ophthalmologist" has relocated to a secret undisclosed location on the "Mid-Atlantic" coast. I decided to change risk factors from earthquakes to tropical storms, tornadoes, and an occasional hurricane.



The Warrior Refractive Eye Surgery Program, or in militarese  WRSEP

I am safely ensconsed behind firewalls, encrypted smart cards, and two levels of separate  passwords requiring 12 characters, 2 upper case, and five lower case as well as several  of those special characters, !@#$%&* (which I have to change every 90 days).  The EMR is called AHLTA.  Armed Forces Health Longitudinal Technology Application (formerly CHCS II ; US DoD military health system 

(I could go on and on about this HIT solution, but that is a topic unto itself. So stay tuned.


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