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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Primary Care needs to get on the Health Train Express

Richard Reece MD of Medinnovation Blog is the rare breed of specialist (in his case, pathology) who waves the flag and cheers on the family physician, and general practitioner in their battle to survive.  Even I as an ophthalmologist will join his efforts and realize if primary care can be picked off then all of us are very vulnerable.  No specialist should be excited about the impending doom of PCPs and the secondary loss of patient access to healthcare in America. 

The American College of Physicians has sent a letter to President-elect Obama via HHS Secretary designate Tom Daschle requesting a ten percent bonus for primary care physicians alloted from the economic stimulus package.

Tom Daschle has been handed to our physician group without our input and/or comments. He has still yet to be confirmed, and all readers should make comments regarding his appointment. Daschle knows bupkas about caring for patients, and may be a great negotiator 'across the aisle' and deal maker to get healthcare legislation passed.  Perhaps the message has not been presented to our group.

Mr Daschle correctly analyzes our problems in the article he published in the Huffington Post.  Re Progressive Solutions to Health Care.

However, his ideas about a 'Federal Health Board,  for Healthcare' comes at a very inopportune time given the failure of our Federal Reserve Bank  for the Financial Markets.  It is doubtful that an agency of that size could truly keep track of anything.....

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