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Friday, December 12, 2008

Health Train Express Transition

The gulf between the macrocosm of health policy planners and the microcosm of health care providers, ie physicians, grows wider day by day.


Evidence of this abounds as other participants in the health process compete for a seat at the table of transition teams for the new Obama administration.  

What does Tom Daschle really know about providing healthcare to that patient on the exam table?


His choice was as an arbiter for political disagreements and an attempt to create the coalition to pass some type of health care legislation.  One cannot even begin to predict the outcome....whether it will call for a universal payor plan or another throwing of the dice in regard to reimbursement plans, or another game of insuring the uninsured by shuffling the deck of poker cards.

Health care unfortunately has become a game of chance.


Will you have a job?  Will you become disabled?  Will you become uninsurable? Will you be able to find a family physician? Will you, will you , will you?

Medicine and Politics seem to be following a new course of increased transparency of their own process. The internet has led to this development but still lacks user friendly search engines and other health 2.0 applications to find, organize and interpret raw data and commentary.  If one visits the Obama Transition Web site,  and searches you will find numerous sources and opportunities to participate .



Senator Tom Daschle is now the designated head of Health and Human Services.

The issues are complex and the economy has now complicated it further.  A bailout and stimulus package is a false hope. The  real problems are systemic.  Throwing money at our failed health care system is almost as bad as giving it to the IRS.

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