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Sunday, December 7, 2008

Cool Down the Health Train Express

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How would you like to become a popsicle?

A cardiologist in Louisiana has developed a non invasive technique to cool down the body of patients with strokes, acute myocardial infarction, for any disease whose body temperature can rapidly be cooled (ie, within six to ten minutes) to produce hypothermia. 

It has long been recognized that hypothermia slows down the metabolic processes and improves the liklihood of healing without further damage to vital organs such as the brain, heart, kidneys, and liver.

This technique has been in use for decades for transporting donor organ tissues.

The device, is demonstrated by Paul McMullen M.D., cardiologist at the Ochsner Clinic, named "THERMOSUIT HYPOTHERMIA THERAPY.  It is currently undergoing clinical trials at a number of Universitys and Heart Centers.  

The therapeutic modality is already in use in Europe and approved by CE (Conformite Europeene). for use in hospitals

"Way cool"  Pick your flavor(s).

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