Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Health Train Next Stop Bagdad

Panel Confirms Gulf War Syndrome Is Real and Causes Are Definable

WASHINGTON, Nov. 17 -- The Gulf War illness was caused by pyridostigmine bromide pills taken by U.S. troops to neutralize the effects of nerve gas attacks and by exposure to neurotoxic insecticides, according to a VA advisory panel.

These two factors amounted to a definable scientifically valid illness with significant nervous system symptoms often still affecting veterans of the 1991 conflict in Kuwait and Iraq, said the Research Advisory Committee on Gulf War Veterans' Illnesses

At the same time, the report exonerated a number of other suspects in symptoms reported by returning veterans of Operation Desert Storm, including depleted uranium, anthrax vaccine, infectious diseases, and stress. Much of the report echoed a meta-analysis on acetylcholinesterase inhibitor exposure published earlier this year by Beatrice A. Golomb, M.D., Ph.D., of the University of California San Diego, a member of the committee. (See Chemical Exposures in Gulf War Caused Veterans' Illness)

The committee was chaired by James H. Binns, former principal deputy assistant secretary of defense. Its scientific director was Roberta F. White, Ph.D., chair of environmental health in Boston University's School of Public Health

Commentary by the author: 

It's only taken more than fifteen years to figure this one out. My guess is that a fourth year medical student had the answer years ago....  Of course this was probably obfuscated by the Pentagon, the VA, and the DOD. 

There is little doubt that this syndrome has also affected our troops during our presence in Iraq over the past 6 years. The government will probably launch another study spending millions more to prove this as well.

Physicians now must advocate for our warriors to be compensated and treated adequately.  Any 'stigmata' assigned to them for '" seeking disability" or medical care by the VA warrants more priority than bailing out the financial crooks and sociopaths. responsible for wrecking our economy, be they corporate executives, investment banks, credit card companies,

'nuff said

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